Since 2012, the coalition of the independent scene has been committed to the interests of artists and creators of the Berlin independent scene. The association Bündnis Freie Szene Berlin e.V. was founded in 2019 to support the work of the spokesperson group and various working groups of the coalition of the independent scene.

Our work is largely voluntary.

In order to be able to continue our work as representatives of the independent scene, to organize campaigns, to initiate working groups and to make the independent scene heard in politics, administration and urban society, we also depend on donations. We are grateful for every little amount. If you would like to support us permanently, this is also possible via a sponsoring membership.

Please use the following bank details for donations:

Account holder: Alliance for the Free Scene Berlin e.V.
Bank: Deutsche Skatbank
IBAN: DE77 8306 5408 0104 2174 97

Please always state the purpose on the transfers.
simplified → donation receipt.

Activists who are not affiliated to an association also have the opportunity to get involved in the spokespersons of the coalition of the independent scene. The plenary gives you the opportunity to apply for an open position and be elected by the plenary to the group of speakers.

We also look forward to any active support in our existing working groups, in which specific project plans or cultural-political and scene-relevant issues are discussed, transferred to public debates and promoted with politics, cultural administration and the interested public for implementations that improve the working and framework conditions for Berlin artists Improve people and artists.

Your ideas, initiatives and suggestions for new working groups are always welcome. You can find a list of contacts for the spokesperson's group on the homepage of the coalition of the independent scene.